♦Be human

The artifact of humane race is an endless debate. Ruler of multiple continents, the endeavor to go to the roots while driving for the future generations. An ever present question of what shall happen next or the uncertainty surrounding what is beyond thoughts. We have been conquerors and self proclaimed most intelligent creatures among all species making up the environment. In between counter wars, agreements and treaties, it call comes down to which country, which human or who is that individual with more firepower with the ability to govern his fellows.

Stagnant water is water that shall breed impurities. A stagnant country is a country that fails to emancipate and emerge as the next nation which will surpass its own preset goals. Compassionate anger – or stealth love? The question of hidden agenda is always residing among our inner self. As humans we are self loving creatures while we want to develop into am imposing figure. However we fail to acknowledge the ultimate fact which is we are born selfish. We are driven by our own motives prior to any other catalyst factors.

© Soovan Sharma Dookhoo 2013

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