♦ Dream

Its human to dream but what is the reality of dreams in our lives? A dream is all about pride. Achievable dreams is not obsession. Empowered with the desire to go foward and make the challenges become opportunities is what actually is called make dreams come true. Humans actually do not really miss out on lifestyle,culture and way of living. What we actually miss out is not valuing wahy is valuable which is in one word YOU.
Dreams are here to bring out the essence of life. It actually acts like a step stone over problems and set your goals which you yourself have not been planning.
2013 world is changing; emerging, fashion, change in way people perceive the world and its components. That act of stepping out of the routine and just get in the captive dreams are what actually give you freedom to believe and say ‘Yeah it is possible’

Billions of people live on earth revolving around countless of issues problems and a hectic life. All that is common is that one dream which enlightens you. Any individual who actually is considered to be different is what makes him different. Dreaming is not supernatural or just a word. Its a philosophy mankind has not valued. Dreams makes you live until unbelievable frontiers.

Cast a glance upon yourself and ask yourself;
Whats my goal?
Whats my ambition?
What am i really doing?
What i dreamt when i was a child and where i am now?

© Soovan Sharma Dookhoo 2013

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