♦ The Bad Fellow

Each coin has two sides… as he walked down the lane, memories rushed through his mind. Once upon a time things used to be different, out of the blue decisions have changed the fallacy approach. He roamed around his own identity looking for his true image.

There was once a little boy. Innocence is the transparent window of a child’s inner pain. To be accepted whilst being different blurs the lines of how different we are from each other. A cry of despair is so unnoticeable that it remains as white as plain paper. If you want to achieve you will do the thing right no matter what lies in front of you.

We fail to enquire since we are all chasing what blinds us. The pinnacle of success is not what you have in your fist. Rather it shall be what you have achieved despite having nothing. The way you speak shows the extent of your feelings. There is no way a person will speak the same tone throughout the various facets of life.

The world threaten at every stage. Which coaxes you to carve yourself into what is required. Being a brute has always been the unwanted approach. Being a slave of what others want shall never escalate you to the next level of wisdom actively thinking about satisfying yourself, means an endless race towards vacuum.

A man’s pride lies in his inner and outer appearance. Negative traits have remedies. It all lies in how you perceive it. No human is accustomed of not being angry. There comes a point of no return. Shall you unleash your watchdog or just the force of a brute?

Handle yourself with humility and experience you gathered. If you know how to handle your fair share. Life shall just be a continuous melody.

© Soovan Sharma Dookhoo 2016

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