♦ Humanity a word of togetherness ?

Complexity of decisions come from our inability to develop solutions towards an issue. It is the synonym of problematic concept which can be resolved only if pondered upon reasonably. Over the years humanity has evolved as that species that has forged it way through changes and civilizations. History has been written as humans walked on earth to utilize resources creating a better living for other generations. Inventions have been wonder projects which fit into day-to-day activities. Inadvertently our know how has become stagnant.

Surpassing frontiers has enabled people to gain mobility but nations still fail to acknowledge each other. Countries are still regarded as another person’s land. Communications knows no barriers while we connect to the world at our finger tips. However there is still the lack of the touch of grace. The feeling of love has been sung over the years whilst the true emotion of love is still left to be yearned for. Counties have flagships, territory and assessed on wealth. It all comes down how we share same territory, the mix of flag creating displays and wealth cherished as we share our culture.

Irrespective of race. ethnicity, religion and jurisdiction, language has been developed so as to bring each and everyone together. Create a bond of sharing wisdom and capabilities. language is the virtue that gives us inheritance of our ancestors. Traditions have formed part of a legacy across states and culminate as the identity – The far west is defined by the Bison? Language and culture is the treasure people travel and build up memories – from the savanna in Africa to the snow of Europe – the authentic taste of Asia, regions have a pool of culture which is the priceless memory one can carry.

The beginning of culture was traditions, language conveyed it across borders. Migration gave birth to culture sharing. If we unite, we let our fingers couple with another set of fingers it will be a fist forming a bond like never before. If humans are compassionate towards each other, the world unites to witness its own inhabitants cheering. Glance over your shoulder you may be left alone but holding a hand with affection and  intimacy will give you a companion to run the marathon re-ignited.

Showcase your own destiny, if the humanity comes together as one, there will be nothing to second it. Interpretation of humanitarian knowledge with the advent of ease of access for the needy, the elderly, the poor or the less fortunate : we are bound to engage into a better tomorrow. Lend a helping hand today, tomorrow the whole world we will come together as one.

© Soovan Sharma Dookhoo 2017

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