♦ The Scar that bleeds Emotions

As humans,we always remember things which hurt us the most. From disappointment to deceit… Somehow we fail to treasure happiness for, pain is always within us… As humble people with emotions all of us comforts ourselves as per what we expect.
We fail to accept that we all wake up with the thought of wanting to acquire more than yesterday. Aiming to be recognised and confront issues. Scars remind us that it happened. Inevitably most of those scars dwell with unwanted moments. Be proud of your scar. Wanting to gasp for more is human but being proud of your scar is mighty. Let the scar remind you the surgery that changed you into a new leaf.

It happened then for a better today. We feel the bruise for a short while and we get used to it. Acknowledge your wound, it bleeds with emotions. A single tear you have held back, will bring up thousands of apprehensions. As the depth of pain magnifies so does our character to resist it. If while giving birth, a mother has the power to bear labour, it all comes down to the emotions we cherish. Positive emotions are a wide pool of elixir to wipe off the true nature of pain. Dare to look within your eyes as tears roll down your cheeks. Perceiving your own self is the most courageous thing to ever attempt.

If feelings of regret are the invisible monster, live it up to the present. Fade it out for a better You. Pain nourishes anger if you let it take over… However if you develop it into a motivator it will nourish your courage to burst through what you feared most. Ii happened  out of nowhere; were it to be something positive you would have been glowing with a broad smile and sheer joy. On the contrary if there comes to be a moment of utter harsh reality we just fail to move on and feed anger with frustration. Pain is so uncomfortable that a mere feel of it disrupts our sensitive human beliefs.

Build up with a worthwhile companion, indulge into conversations with no second thoughts. If maybe short-lived but live it for no tomorrow. As at now it is all within your fist for the taking.

© Soovan Sharma Dookhoo 2017

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