♦ The Quagmire of Revolution

The battle of emotions against actions have been present all the way throughout numerous thresholds. The wild resides within its environment predators and endless species that coexist as an ecosystem. We have the fundamentals of emotional forecasting. We are either Opportunists or an Altruist. We take the case of an Alligator versus a Shark, both of them are deadly predators with same attributes and behavior but within different environments.

An opportunist is more likely to be am Alligator – that is the individual who will grab everything that is within his – her reach. The Alligator literally swallows everything that fits in its mouth. Being an opportunist means to pounce on each and every situation that arises irrespective of what shall be the consequences that comes after. We humans we are by default opportunists who look to acquire, add to our bank of ideas, wealth, knowledge and prosper at each step undertaken. Though undoubtedly exaggerated,we are bounded to be selfish for the specie we are. The political figurehead of each and every jurisdiction through an electorate. Politicians act on the basis of opportunistic behavior. The opportunity to get hold of the supreme power and control of a state. A country remains a vast pool of endless possibilities – politicians remain the Alligators who strive to get a chunk of the supremacy. Under the same basis each and everyone acts as per the course of action. Which is by what lies ahead or by what we for see to be awaiting us in the near future.

Prior to the advent of World War ll. the whole mechanism was governed by thinkers and revolutionaries. Through the act of working the ins and outs of different outlay be it in the field of consumables, industrialization and services, the whole economic climate experienced an ongoing restructuring process. From the Japanese standards to the Americans capitalist structure through the emerging services sector, the whole outlay prompted opportunities to arise simultaneously defining the need of getting more than what is actually there for the taking. The Opportunistic mindset is at the back of each and everyone’s of us throughout our different philosophies and perceptions. It is all about the ethics and pathway used to march towards the goals set.

It will be a constant equation to equate the need for more supremacy against the need for more humanitarian acts. Bearing the crocodile-shark conflict in mind, we understand that each and every one of us is different however our relative aspects and instincts are the same. The mind rushes and urges us to go head on while there is also the attributes associated with emotions.

The picture may portray the image of the perfect world but it is always just the begin of another era.

© Soovan Sharma Dookhoo 2017

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