♦ A Distinctive inner self.

Through our interpretation of our own selves, to what extent do we allow to convey constructive thoughts? By our default outlay as human beings, we always seek what builds us – empowers us. Irrespective of who you are, you will be having two distinct facets.

We are never friends with anybody unless the person triggers the instance of psychological well being. In between bursts of laughter though overwhelming eyes, tears rolling down the cheeks in between gasping for breath after a hysterical  laugh, it all comes down to the persons we allow ourselves to be with.

It goes without saying that each and every individual indulges  oneself in activities – bonds primarily for self gain. Aside the mainstream personality we portrait, it remains that there is the backlash of an embedded personality in the background which we bring up only if we come across that person who indulges into mining your hidden self.

It is not about the instances or what has been occurring which will bring about changes. Suppressing a minimum level of emotions, thoughts and self abuse has always been part of our mode of psychological conduct. Alternatively we may be indulging ourselves into hurtful behaviour – inevitably being reserved not for lack of confidence rather due to our environment whereby our surrounding environment does not empower us to fight for psychological well being.

Underlying emotions drives what we perceive. The superior weapon of using your intellect may not always be effective since there is always a bottom line of mismatch. Do not breed negative emotions, altogether it shall be the threshold for ongoing conflicts and disruptive emotional well being.

Author Soovan SD

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