♦ The Invisible Rule

Privacy and confidentiality of your own self is gradually fading out. There is that feeling we all hold back. It is not always a feature we will open up about. Our own identity our own perception towards ourselves…

Aside striving to meet up to what our dear ones look to accomplish by our side… There resides the dedication we all have to meet up to certain expectations.The invisible power we behold the monetary implications we seek to rule. It is all within each and everyone of us. We are all propelled by the greed within us but it varies. The famished looks forward to a mere loaf while the developed nations seek to rule the planet with supremacy. The cold war is nastier than ever.

it is all a facade that while only few seek to inspire others. Despite proclaiming we are not seeking to be a butcher of moral values we are ultimately converging towards the fast lane of power at all costs. Inevitably we are humans and out behaviour differs in-spite of being identical. We nurture an evasive identity which against our willingness drives us to certain decisions. Personality traits are features which prompts us to grow close to an individual or discard that same person.

The rule of mankind has been : The wise will survive the others will be servants. We are converging towards being a predator instead of being helpers. It has to be the ” I should Win!” otherwise there is minimal effort put in. We have eased access beyond frontiers but restricted access to kinship and fail to convey a positive aura within our surroundings. The fault is not with us since we fail to acknowledge what we are actually into. We are failing to accept we still have things to learn and craft out skills. Our behaviour has been altered where a high pitch in voice tone means supremacy and having a delicate diplomatic approach makes you being labelled as weak.

The fault is the portray we want to have. The image of an achiever. Ultimately we are losing our true identify in the quest of a virtual image which is not even near to what we are.

Author Soovan SD

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