♦ Marching On

The world revolves around, while there are thousands of humans, numbers of religion and race. Amiss all the vibes and responsibilities that surrounds up, there stands an individual. Each one of us has a distinct voice be it the vocal one or our inner voice. Not many of us acknowledge the person we evolve into throughout our existence.

Human intellect drives more than just actions. We are solid creatures, by default sharing what we feel and what we endorse. Being social animals by birth, we grow up linking compassion, affection and likely hood of our behavior. The distinctive touch each one brings in the bond we create.

The ultimate reality remains that human traits changes over time fueled by goals, changing environment and the ability to seek new frontiers to explore. The synchronization of our heart and brain has been a constant battle. An emotional blow is catalyst the quagmire residing within our inner self and future approaches. Someday we will achieve what we have been cherishing or alternatively we may have to adopt a totally opposite quest.

When you look up towards the sky, may it your mirror to engage into reflective thoughts. Recognise the extent you have reached, countless have been fought, much more lies ahead. Give yourself the much-needed boost. It will materialise only if you exert your will on surpassing the ever-present obstacles.

March on from gloomy days,

March on from sleepless nights,.

March on towards what ignites you.

March on towards an enlightened self.

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