● Our culture- fading humanity.

We dwell in a world where surpassing the one next to you has become a culture.

What is in there for me mindset continues to be present fuelled by fake outlay in a society where neighbours smile in front of you: awaiting to slash your personality once your out of sight.

When shall we have a society with real people, no hidden agenda, no greed for power. True enough to just have a sound mind.

Bold enough to build up people around you. Irrespective of grades, stature, race and ethnic backgrounds.

As human- united to uphold. Working out of free will to bring the best possible outcome. No coward to hide behind the hidden blueprint of greed.

Men are bold with character and egocentric in approach. Showing emotions only at lowest possible point. Like a blend of coffee tastes better when whipped.

Whilst women are the art of God crafted to be the pinnacle of beauty ; scintillate at each manoeuvre… she’s like those tea leaves which grow from a bud entangled within numerous stages of life. Dare to look within a real lady’s eyes it will reflect the showdown of the cornish brown infusion of tea amist character and personality she’ll be adorable and affectionate.

Let her aspire her surroundings she’ll aspire you with your goals. A man shall entail a woman as his queen only she portrays herself as an eternal lady.

Author: Soovan SD

One thought on “● Our culture- fading humanity.

  1. Real has become rare. Nowadays what is more mainstream is faking. Faking emotions, faking affinities, faking hostilities. Everyone is in the chase. Competition, greed, lust are dominating people’s mind. Some can no longer differentiate between what’s ethical and what’s not.
    That’s what the world is becoming gradually!
    Fortunate will someone be to ever find a friend or partner who is real. But when you find one, never forget that the latter will be a masterpiece, a real diamond among all the stones.

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