■ Hold onto the marvellous tale

Each day I wake up not knowing what I got to face. All my life I’ve tried to be normal, wake up and try lead my life.

I don’t know how you want us to be. How you view our relationship or how will it shape.

My request to you, could you please take care of me a little, show  me you love me.

I do cry, I do feel my heavy heart. I love you all I wish is you reciprocate. Many things changed over the last year.

Shining bright like a diamond. You enlighten my emotions. While looking up towards you all I feel is the breeze that pulls us together. You are the ultimate wish I cherish. The sublime lady allow me kiss your forehead. It’s never too much to compliment the sensual feminine cuteness you exert. 

With each sunrise I shall look at you, you’ll rise and shine, each day shall be valentine’s. You are my angel on cloud nine. My mind is driven by your might, my wish is you be mine. I don’t want to count the days gone by, I want to relish each moment I’m lucky to be with you.

You are the rhythm of love I vibe to.

For the months I’ve known you. The journey is still a much awaited aventure. The desire to know more about the person you are. If only I could understand more than I portrait. 

Your personality created the soft spot within my heart. The emotions and compassion I feel with you. I wish to add years to this blissful experience.

The challenges are there, we will come across uncertain circumstances. All I need is your own goodness of the love we look to nurture. 

For the person you are, I shall abide to the best of my abilities to nest our relationship. 

The shivers down the spine, the soft nervousness while thinking about you, is all real. It’s just as simple as the breeze flowing down the beach at sunset. Each hug with you is as beautiful as sunrise above the horizon… Endless yet felt.

Author Soovan SD

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