● Constellation of Emotional Vacuum.

Bewildered by the raw instance, never anticipated; coaxing pure joy with heartfelt warmth. The wait is finally over? A new chapter symphony of togetherness through an untouched sphere within yourself. An investment never felt yet euphoric. Quagmire of sheer power, blissfully uncertain.

The memories flew down as the night seemed endless. Curbed in questions, from a self strengthening bond to wandering around, apprehensions of what you struggled to overcome. Sharp dry breath slashing down the silence which wrapped up as the clock tweaked. How long has the perfect chronology lasted for it to fall apart for, it never happened. Lush goodness as versatile as the hummingbird. The glorious nectar while it the rain poured down endlessly.

Far from the rainbow closing in on a typhoon. The symphony of emotions crumbling, masked was the exultation. Milestones vanished, barren expanses fuelled by speculation. Shifting from contemplating the rich soothing joy felt to surpassing nullity.

Dawn came in raw, the straight road mirrored the glimmering utopia. The rainbow out of the typhoon germinated into awakening what would be detonating the thunderbolt of anticipation.

Author Soovan SD

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