■ Be Thankful for the Selfish World we live in.

The basics of social bonds could be good friendships, selfless aid and continuous good humanitarian support. How far have we reached? As far as the usual traits are concerned, our society sets benchmarks.

How beneficial are we to another?

How far are we acceptable to our circle?

To what extent is our lifestyle aligned to visual acceptance?

We are barely respected, lifestyle matters. Net worth builds up the “desired” respect which we defined. As the days go down the clock of time, anxiety builds its momentum.

The cry of utter disappointment is constant, the hunger for good energy is the invisible power which our surroundings barely prompts to harness.

How far are conversations honest?

Assuming something should be clarified by the other person before going any further or you are just making a mess and acting too immature, ignorant, selfish and entitled.

You want change with no sacrifice. You want peace with no struggle. The world doesn’t work like that. ~ Allegiant

Bring down masks, don’t compromise to get people like you. The solace of walking solitary is soothing as long as we appreciate capabilities instead of urging to fit in.

Author Soovan SD

One thought on “■ Be Thankful for the Selfish World we live in.

  1. Very beautifully expressed.
    Today’s world is backed with selfishness, back bitings.
    How many people have their social circles and how many of them are criticized behind their back. How many people prefer gossiping about another person to engage in a conversation rather than talking about other more sensitive topics? This term ‘Social bonding’, for me is merely for namesake, only for show off. I dare say, only a few people, lucky ones are destined the real version of social bonding where there is real and pure acceptance and no selfishness.

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