● Enticing Mystery, desired concord

Tiredness soring, the weekend comes to an end. Another couple of days to make it. Normally quiet, how active to be when the weekend fed in limited energy. Her spirituality encircles her like an empty room. Dim sunlight passing through the dusty wooden walls. The basics of good old furniture with humidity paving its way.

Reflecting on the weekend, he turned himself to what’s trailing in her mind. Thin light, reluctantly approached her; “Could we talk about this week’s schedule?”

Her breath echoed how knackered she’s been, the shallow grin. A calm quilt softness switched the tone, her hand set the feeling of the golf course softness.

Coupling up her vivid glamour when her eyes sparkle, the tensed soft bites when she would fumble….

Ignoring the true motive of walking up to her, he got engrossed into the anxious mess she was…

Soovan Sharma Dookhoo

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