● Revive True Love, Fading Darkness

We feel emotions. As long as nourished it will flourish. The timeline of human emotions triggers multiple chapters. We communicate with the heart. Lifestyle changes upon the importance of priorities.

Slight variations come with ripples of assumptions. The Why to the When? How it was and Now it is scars. Constant wounds unseen. Looking for that affection from true reflection of your emotions.

Insecurities, Unspoken moments, Drastic assumptions: to walk away was never the right thing. While your surroundings brings up multiple hints. Of not building together, of fading fiery, or simply a complete mismatch of what is felt and what is voiced out.

A mysterious chapter made of void. The despair each and every time. I seek the good old moments. To awaken with bliss of happiness over night of tears. To make it happen with instance over lonely spell of contemplating memories.

No love lost. From the wounds suffered to a bond forged out of reciprocal efforts. May the light of warm heart vanquish the assumptions made.

To heal the invisible harm, Love without hidden motives shall be key to new encounters.

Author Soovan SD

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