■ Moonlight in You

Through the chaos that rushes in your mind, the wounds of the past are too deep to accept me. Even the deepest of emotions run shallow when will fades out. Your hands-on the balcony, it’s humid… is it a mirror to the scratches from your heart? The moon may shine bright tonight, so bright we forget that it got craters and cracks. It is never even, always a humpy terrain. Is it how your heart is? How far whall we go until we understand the wounds never heal. The right time is the time we hug each other like never before. The wind flickers your thoughts, the shivers are the pace of unfelt goodness. Will you allow us to be together, to the new chaos with an ultimate roar? I may not be there for an eternity, the rain is pouring, coming close to you… is it the hug of a lifetime… your breath speaks… it speaks the passion lost.

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