● Absolute Truth – Overruled Perception

For rainbows to exist there should be thunderstorms before the rays of sunlight peek through dawn. Each individual breathes, lives and revives. We revive our memories, heartfelt emotions but what strikes the most remains the heartfelt injuries and harm one goes through.

To the sky we look up to, to our achievements we feel proud of and the milestones we set to attain. Each one of us grows differently, each one of us has been through chapters differently, at different instances, at different point in time we all relate and share depending on how secure we feel to express the deepest of scars bleeding the wounds of a warrior. If there exists the luck of being heard, you will find solace within a compassionate heart willing to embrace the happenings and move forward to new frontiers to create the subtle healing environment.

We love to be heard, to feel the warmth of entitlement, to react to goodness cherished. Each moment can be blissful as long as it rhythms with your desired outcome. However, there may be the aftermath of revealing your wounds, the aftermath of seeking that much needed compassion. How far and how long shall it be until you face your scars.

Time heals, but the mind remembers what has been inflicted, the mind will adjust your behavior to safeguard you and your emotions. We live to our aspirations, we inspire by what we feel. We ought to learn each individual does have an agenda, we all got aims and preset ideologies. As we evolve we adjust but there also exists the repercussions of what we lived and felt over the years.

When you are inflicted the same blow over and over again you will emanate as that individual who brings up the ultimate shield, a shield now always understood by those surrounding you.

Set your boundaries,

Set your aspirations,

Strive for your ideologies

Author Soovan Sharma DOOKHOO

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