Soovan Sharma Dookhoo, born with physical disability as a sequelae to birth asphyxia due to preterm delivery and delayed milestones associated with bronchial asthma and bilateral keratoconus. I had the luck to witness the challenge of casting myself in the mold of what was devised for the mass but not for persons with disabilities. Inadvertently I found myself halted when I came across mainstream and standard processes. The extra physical effort it required me to produce in order to match the ‘normal’ did make me question myself. Am I part of the system – will I be able to make it? Besides, bullying came in and it was a mix of physical and mental harassment.

An artificial void cropped up, and I was unable to address the difficulties I faced, through the fear of being inferior. The desire to achieve and prove myself was instilled in me through the support of my parents. True it is that education starts at home. Your identity is your statement of success with intent.

Writing came in as a support to unleash my embedded emotions, unfeigned vision. For, emotions are the most explicit form of compassion and communication. As an upcoming author I turn towards my website http://www.soovandookhoo.com to publish. I look forward to ongoing community service, having served as President of Rotaract club of Rivière du Rempart during the mandate 2019-2020. Growing professional with my Bachelor and Masters degree, I seek to endorse new facets into improving the current system for a revamped community. Sustainable humane acts coupled with growing empathy.

Get immersed in a whirlpool of words crafted with emotions. Take a step outside your daily hustle to get engaged in literature, Feed your mind to unleash your creativity.

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