♦ Suffering

Friedrich Nietzsche described suffering as
“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.”
Suffering is part of human life. Nobody can walk through without having faced difficulties and hardships. Poverty,wounds,betrayal,defeat.helplessness are all words related to the meaning of suffering. Consider somebody laying in a hospital bed in agony despite receiving the required attention, a person having lost his home in a storm , a family shattered through numerous events, a country crumbling down due to the advent of war and social unrest. All these sum up into one single phrase: “suffering is just present everywhere and it cannot be denied”
One simple word which thousands of meaning from billions of people around the globe.
Sometimes people suffer from illness or accidents but it also comes up when things do not turn up the expected way. It all comes down to what extent the expected outcome has gone off tract – to what extent it has impacted on emotions and decision making of that individual.
It indeed leaves a dark hole in our inner part-we are bound to suffer sometimes it results forming part of our life. Mankind has been compromising with so many changes in culture-technology-lifestyle but the only thing we are not and will never be able to compromise is suffering. Even the strongest human shall never forget that one second which took him aback. The good thing about these events of suffering is that we can only learn and move on.

© Soovan Sharma Dookhoo 2013

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