Flight Cancellations / Delays? Impact on travelers with disabilities.

The airline industry has been evolving and adapting to various conjuncture and market demands. Persons with disabilities are the world's largest majority. One billion people, or 15% of the world's population, experience some form of disability. Where services from the airline industry have been improving to meet the needs and demands of travelers, there exists … Continue reading Flight Cancellations / Delays? Impact on travelers with disabilities.

Persons with Disabilities – Empowerment or Marginalised?

#notoharassment From July 2021 to date; there have been endless instances where Persons with disabilities are in the limelight. Neither due to their abilities nor due to independent emancipation. Rather it has either been due to harassment or artificial sympathy, these individuals are as important as other humans. It is a shame the identity of … Continue reading Persons with Disabilities – Empowerment or Marginalised?

♦ Transparent Shield to Opaque Outcome – Covid-19 or Warfare?

The recent days, multiple media outlets and world affairs are centered and gravitated around the warfare in Ukraine. To the layman not much has been explained and no simple information shared, We all understand there will be economic outcomes and multiple individual lives will be claimed while defined as the fight for freedom, For the … Continue reading ♦ Transparent Shield to Opaque Outcome – Covid-19 or Warfare?

Endorse Her; Through Whirpool

To the breeze of a warm evening, you give meaning to every beginning. Amazing it can be, you are as soothing as the beginning of the river down the blissful waves. It may have been an endless tale of multiple hurdles; one warm cuddle shall end the struggle. A smile as resplendent as the moonlight, … Continue reading Endorse Her; Through Whirpool

Disability and Poverty? The continuous mismatch.

Disability is a physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities. In spite of limitations and obstacles, different persons with different disabilities seek a more independent and factual living. 17th October is designated International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. The observance of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty … Continue reading Disability and Poverty? The continuous mismatch.

Awaiting her eyes reflect mine

The wait extends to infinite horizons, her voice echoed a medley of affirming stature while I remind myself of the trenches I used to be. A stranger at a time, where she was dawn I was dusk. She is the golden hour The Jimny's grey green olive bodywork reflected how the sunset speaks unleashed emotions. … Continue reading Awaiting her eyes reflect mine

Horses emancipating Abilities – Disability forfeited

  Delusional by the adversity of exclusion, I set foot each day with the firstthought of how I am going to be included in mainstream today. Disability ormaybe just partial hindrance to cope with mainstream abilities. Growing toembrace my disability, I have my pace to revamp and adjust to fit inmainstream.   Productivity and efficiency … Continue reading Horses emancipating Abilities – Disability forfeited

● Absolute Truth – Overruled Perception

For rainbows to exist there should be thunderstorms before the rays of sunlight peek through dawn. Each individual breathes, lives and revives. We revive our memories, heartfelt emotions but what strikes the most remains the heartfelt injuries and harm one goes through. To the sky we look up to, to our achievements we feel proud … Continue reading ● Absolute Truth – Overruled Perception

■ Emotions trailed Symphony

The touch of your soul, if you feel the shivers - look up towards unspoken horizons. You're intoxicating by the femininity of your traits.A single stealth kiss will be the route to endless instances of ecstasy. It rained endlessly all night for the cold breeze to bring down the most anticipated perceptions. I'm driven by … Continue reading ■ Emotions trailed Symphony

■ Vivid Winter – Warm Solace

Rustling winter wind, the breeze set pace of cold winter. Soft sandy dust tickling coaxing with dry air. The anticipation of the comet, shining tail of ice dust. The rays of the sun illuminating its trail. A lifetime sight, I wish for the glitter in the eyes of the lady besides me. The moment of … Continue reading ■ Vivid Winter – Warm Solace