RYLA 2019-The Malagasy Adventure

The Rotary Youth Leadership Award District 9220 Madagascar has been one of my most cherished cultural and leadership seminars. When an organisation manages to bring together young people from Comoros, Djibouti, Reunion, Rodrigues, Seychelles and Mauritius: the blend of culture and synergy of ideas is imminent. Rotary remains the network we are proud to be part of. The leadership award forges the bond of Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors and the guests. The common thing remains Service above self. Irrespective of the country you dwell, there will be a Rotary Club along with the young Rotaract Club. All you need to do is link up to Rotary.org.

Marching as one, Rotaractors from Mauritius were eager to fly to the longest island within the Indian Ocean. Part of the multi ethnic group, I recall only a particular thing: We are Rotaractors above anything else. From the first day at Madagascar, I witnessed the differed culture. The joy of going through the streets, it may have been a maze to me but the scenery is a sight to relish.

It may have been different countries meeting at a single conference, at the end of each seminar we were all looking towards each other with pure friendship and strengthening our bonds. The links created between people from: Madagascar, Reunion, Brazil, Taiwan, Austria, Germany, Rodrigues and Mauritius shall remain the true picture of culture blend.

My country remains my pride; I shall look towards other nationalities with compassion safeguarding humanitarian ties. If you visit Madagascar ensure you taste the mythical flour made dishes be it: pastries, bread and pizza. For the brave Madagascar is the place to visit.

Dare to embark in the Malagasy taxi, experience the busy streets and boost of energy from the population. The capital Antananarivo is always welcoming be it at dawn or at dusk. There shall always be someone you may indulge into a conversation with.

Rotaract Club Hina, twin club of Rotaract Riviere du Rempart, the fraternity between both clubs. I wish you make it to Mauritius soon. Awaiting to conduct more joint projects. From your country of culture to Mauritius the country full of diversity, we share the same goals, the same youth aspirations. Ultimately the young generation of both countries has the same objective which is a sound future for our respective island. 

Madagascar: Thank you for your hospitality. The oldest Rotary Club of Madagascar; Thanka you for the amazing RYLA. Looking forward for more adventures.

Author Soovan SD.

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