RYLA Rodrigues – Friendship, Unity, Diversity – Connecting District 9220

March 2020, Interactors – Rotaractors – Rotarians and Rylatians, we touched down in Rodrigues. An Island not over 104 kilometres square in area. South of Indian Ocean forming part of the Republic of Mauritius. Self administered since 2002. The first ever RYLA organised in Rodrigues for District 9220. Comoros, Djibouti, Madagascar, Mayotte, Mauritius, Reunion and Rodrigues coming as one, connected together for a new chapter to unfold.

We were welcomed by the Sega Tambour, a UNESCO cultural heritage music and dance culture. As participants the eagerness was there while organisers had the vigour to get the event underway. As we travelled through hilly roads, our residence for the event was a scenic cosy hostel.

Day 1: Red was the colour, ecological leadership was the theme. Mesmerized by the François Legat Reserve: we were privileged to be part of the unique experience, team building among endemic and conservation program tortoise. Aldabra Ploughshare and Radiated Tortoises, some of which are extinct in their natural habitats, are being bred with the aim to bring back the original population. Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors are people of action with the ability to take decisions, implement change and educate our communities.

RYLA Rodrigues 2020 – Ecological Leadership

The team building through thrilling runs, curiously documentation and motivating coaching of District Governor Raja Sundaram, Organising committee sets the pace for the elevation of Rotaract clubs.

From Day 2 we dived into Leadership coaching from Past District Governor Manoj coupled with information about United Nations, the cause we stand for and how Rotary International is partner to the United Nations.

12th March – Mauritius Independence and Republic Day

Rodrigues Island being part of the Republic of Mauritius, we RYLA participants were invited to assist the official flag raising ceremony. As Mauritian and participant of RYLA, it is with pride I am constantly bewildered by memories and actions we future Rotarians form part of.

The cultural night was a platform where culture sharing connected with friendship and District 9220 expressed its synergy. Sega Tambour, Maloya, Sega Typic, Malagasy medley and Seychelles culture all synchronised as we connected together.

Rodrigues stood out by the friendship the nation expressed. Rotary club of Rodrigues and Rotaract club of Rodrigues made us witness the new generation of Rotaract elevated to work as one. It was the first RYLA in the country but the seminars, workshops and friendship, the legacy followed in. Never too easy to achieve, from amazing culinary experiences to the warmth of people around us, the wheel of Rotary is in motion while our values continues to send endless ripples of goodness.

I feel the pride of wearing my President collar as President of Rotaract club of Rivière du Rempart- Mauritius for, Rotaract has achieved milestones. Around the world, humility prevails, our actions should distinguish, our values enable us to explore for more insights. The emerging generation brings in new ideologies, the new wave of creativity and innovating as we maintain our traditions. Each person present during RYLA 2020 has been captured by the only Comorian to be present. Rotaract club of Moroni President.

Congratulations Rodrigues, for your first District 9220 Rotaract Representative and to bring the best out of your island in terms of courtesy, environmental protection an ecological RYLA, a Rotary Youth Leadership Award which differentiated from Day 1 to the closing Club assembly. Celebrating Rotaract anniversary 9th March until 15th March connected together in Rodrigues.

Author Soovan SD

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