♦ Employ-ability and Dis-ability

avi_4786It has been observed since ages; people with disabilities have been perceived as inferior despite the fact of being Able to do things the right way although being restrained of same. “Promoting the Employ-ability and Employment of People with Disabilities through Effective Legislation” has unfortunately been an utter shame until now. It involves governments, social partners and organisations of persons with disabilities in activities and events linked to the review or development of disability-related legislation and policies.

As the clock of time tickles, the infant became a child. Against the due course of time he had been deprived of adequate physical abilities. He did not choose to be different. He did not choose to be restrained from pursuing activities. Destiny chose otherwise. The humane race failed to accept him. As he marched on; bullies came in the way, it coupled with what goes along. Few routine kicks, day-to-day abuses but the guy marched on.

As the days went by, to be beaten and abused verbally became a routine. Education has since centuries been the key to a prosperous life. Ultimately the boy grew into a young graduate. The path and experience gained included bullying at each and every stage, But he is there in the limelight.

However the struggle is always on. Being a person with disability does limit your professional emancipation. Disability is perceived as an obstacle. Humans are blinded by their peers to the extent they are ignorant by what can be the catalyst for a better tomorrow. The boy may have physical restrictions but the determination to move on is undisputed. Throughout the world, there is significant evidence that PWDs – estimated at more than one billion (World Report on Disability, 2011) – are disproportionately misrepresented in the labour force compared to the general population.

© Soovan Sharma Dookhoo 2017

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