♦Perception of the Outcomes

“The image you want to create,visualize and contemplate in somebody else..:
Perception is one of the main components which helps discover your environment. It depends on how you define what is unseen because conceptualizing about something somehow means accepting it in a certain way. The mental representation of something defines perception.

Society is a mix of different individuals adhering to different set of responsibilities under different thresholds. The society still does not function at its best possible form. Rumors and lack of evidence still fuel critics to a certain extent. What is to be perceived has been altered by what has been said and not by the reality of things. Critics can be either positive or a hindrance, observations can be questioned when the individual cannot visualize on his own point of view?

Human behavior has been consistent since its creation-the only change has been noted in material evolution but not in spiritual evolution. A wrong perception about and individual can bring about a misjudgment and therefore a misunderstanding.
Man when referred as a social animal is defined as a group dependent individual. Perception plays an important role in this process as it defines how you will perceive the other group members. If prior to this grouping process you already gathered some information about one of the members and the information proves to be wrong. There is always the advent of disrupting the entire course of action.

The beauty of mankind is its ability to simulate key situations in our brain and replicate same so as to get things done, bring forward new school of thoughts and create the much required spark. The significant difference between the average individual and the successful individual all sums to which extent they perceive the outcome of failure and what can be done to either come to a standstill or devise alternatives not to fail again. Most successful entrepreneurs have had numerous instances of failure throughout their respective journey but entrepreneurs are those minds who perceive how to gain from the environment in which they are operating and what opportunities shall arise.

There is always the probability of either it gets done or it gets aborted. Do not get absorbed in error thinking – rather be immersed into constructive thoughts which will set the variables for further development

Author Soovan SD

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