♦Essence of life

What is life?
The most frequent definition–A RACE AGAINST TIME-Stop and consider for a while–how many person really know what they are doing? We are all converging towards distinct entities….but do we have a specific ambition or goal? Even if we have one are we leading a clear path towards it? Do we have a control over our actions and mind set? Have a look at the bird in the free air who’s care-free.

Humanity has stalled to a certain point that we are spending much more resources into constructing an ecosystem, re populating species which we have endangered through mass demolition for the emancipation of humane development. Zoos and sanctuaries are holding more significant value nowadays since the savanna and jungle are becoming more isolated and depleting.

Vast oceans cover our planet, the ocean has always been the prime route for evolution. However it is now fading from it’s magnificent attire. It is no more as resplendent and as rich. Instead it has come down to a vulnerable asset which will be depleting due to humane intervention into degrading it instead of protecting it.

The compassion of witnessing birth of a new specie, the evolution of an ecosystem, the coming together of different sounds. colors to create a medley.

Author Soovan SD

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