♦“Don’t cry because it happened; smile because it happened due to cause.”

Every action and reaction in your life is meant for a purpose. Learn what you can see as the brighter side of each storm which you have faced. The most terrible moment you have faced can be the best education you ever received.
There is a boy who has been illness prone since birth. He has always been the black sheep of his class at school. Always being underestimated and never given the respect needed. During his college years he has been bullied due to his disability and being different from his fellow classmates

If giving up was the solution at that time, being a shining star today would not have been possible. A SINGLE POSITIVE THOUGHT IN A SECOND CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFETIME.

A single moment of pure thinking can make you powerful. Do not cry over the sad moments but instead relish the results. Every bad moment has its share of goodness. Just look for the ray of light which will enlighten your life. Make your future bright because it is yours.

Nobody can build your personality. Make your dreams happen. Who are you? Develop your identity make an artistic personality of yourself.
It is not results that count but instead it how you manage to achieve your results that counts. Stand in front of your mirror and for a single minute of your life have a look at yourself in that mirror.

Is it what you wanted to be?
Have you achieved your goals?
Are you satisfied?
What have you achieved till now?
Or is it that you let yourself down due to numerous obstacles?
Do not let your worried become the burden of the inner self. Regret is the only variable that can finish a person in a fraction of a second. Why are you cursing the one who made you unhappy? Nobody can make a fool out of himself until he wishes to do so. Every single bad moment has a light of hope.

You are the best at being you own self. Do not copy others because it is the best way to invite problems. Develop your attributes to make them your weapon of success. The best way for you to be successful is to create your won library of thoughts and beliefs. If you have failed at a certain step it is due to the fact that you were not fit for that purpose. It might be in the form of exams, relationships .professional life and yourself.

Failure your lifetime well wisher.

Failure speaks to you. It tells you where to head yourself. Do not make it your enemy but rather make it your partner. Calculate the degree of failure you have achieved in life and compare it to your rate of success. Use both results to assess which one of them has made you more mature and more realistic…?

Capitalize on failures to make yourself successful. The human behavior usually tends to bend on what will the society think about me? This single question brings about many changes in your decision making process. Do not view yourself in the shoe of your friend. Instead view yourself in your won mirror and asses what is right and wrong in your way of doing things.

Comparison is not made with you comparing yourself with your peers and the society but it’s rather with what you were and with what you are.

Author Soovan SD

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