♦Being Independent

Being a teen or aged 18 doesnt mean you are now independent.
You might even start to work-even as a director but still you will not be independent.
Independence is characterised as a situation where you can stand alone and whereby assuming the responsibilities of all those surrounding you-which of course means even the responsibilities of your enemies. A brief example is the United States Of America- the most powerful country across the planet, it will never be able to survive without the activities of the even least populated or poorest country. You might have power,class,influence and be a perfectionist but without the help of the layman you will never succeed.
Nobody is independent even if you are the son of Bill Gates because
” Your independent when you shoulder the responsibilities of the ones who brought you in this world”
If you are not ale to shoulder your parents responsibilities or even the minimal basic needs then you are definitely the greatest failure mankind ever had.

Author Soovan SD

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