♦ Freedom

freedom is perceived as
“do what i like ,when i like and where i like..” It is clearly a wayward concept. Freedom is mostly how you exercise your rights within certain parameters. The best example is to have the freedom to be happy, peaceful and justice regardless of your ethnicity-caste-religion and color. Misuse or violation of freedom will surely create conflict and imbalance for yourself and the nation.

Full freedom works well only when right is balanced with choice and responsibilities and shouldered with conscience. Misunderstanding rights will send you towards mental, physical, economical , social and political debts. (which is obviously seen in the modern world)

A few bad qualities which men posses are ; greed aggression anger and arrogance are all needed to make the society keep pace. It can be pictured as a compromise because negative thoughts multiply more quickly than positive thoughts and it is surely harmful. However if perceived though the law of karma every positive or negative actions, accounts ill be settled and debts shall be paid.

Humans have always been in the “iron chain” bond of lust anger attachment ego greed and violence. They continue to battle internally with themselves and that is not to be free. The churning of negativity and vices made us a battlefield and it is our goodness which pays the price.

Self tansformization will help you transform your surroundings. The world will not be free from war and injustice until individuals do not set themselves free. Set your inner self free and you will empower yourself.

© Soovan Sharma Dookhoo 2013

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