♦ How to engage into a pleasant relationship…?

To please, be happy
Be funny, sexy, sensual, elegant, patient: our ears are folded all these things to do and not do to please. And if the real heart-catcher  was actually … good? What if you could be happy to impress?

The 4 keys to happiness

We do not choose to be happy, do you. Error. For if happiness is to improve every day, it is never absolute, everyone should be able to enhance their daily lives. And behaviors can really help you be happier and more so … to please.

1 – A healthy mind in a healthy body

Follow the old path and hitch up your mind so as to pamper your body thanks to the regular practice of a sport and a balanced diet. The relationship with our subject? Very simple. By following this advice, you’ll be less stressed, better about yourself and more beautiful to look at. Following is mathematical: no one can resist you.

2 – Time for you

Do not hesitate to give you moments of relaxation and well-being. Session massage, bubble bath, soft music, let yourself go from time to time, the simple pleasures that replenish. Do not forget to go on(even if it is not for a date, seeing friends, going to the movies … In short, do not be bored at home … Enjoy!

3 – Positive attitude

Secondly, and not least, stop moping you all day long. Yes, you are single, yes, it’s raining outside, yes, you have nothing in your fridge and it’s Sunday, so your goldfish died … but still, there are worse … Your life is not it so sad and the best is yet to come. If so, what  exactly how you are going to have to learn to think. Go , stop just complaining and you will see that you will feel much better.

4 – From the household in your neighborhood

And because the sadness, like happiness, is contagious, we will have to get away from all those that prevent you from being happy. Flee jealous, depressive, chronic dissatisfaction and unwanted moaners. Surround yourself rather happy people, pleasant, caring and friendly. Positive people inspire the desire to live, to move, to do positive things instead of bemoaning his fate without doing anything. The other will only lead you into their own misfortune.

When happiness rhymes with success

Once these small efforts every day, you can only see a real change in your life and your relationship to seduction. Because yes, it’s sad, but nobody like people who are sad. Much less whining / fussy people are never happy. A woman / man enthusiastic and joie de vivre is much sexier than a person who is depressed and ill. Nothing more natural, when you think: How a man / woman what would spend the rest of his life with an unhappy man / woman ? When you’re happy, you radiate and eplode  serenity shape reassuring and attracts both: no, you are not looking to fill the void in your life, but rather to share what fills. Let it be said once and for all: the real key to success is indeed happiness.

© Soovan Sharma Dookhoo 2014

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