♦ The difference is within you.

Every day brings in a new dawn. A new journey begins since the first ever blink of your eyes. Growing up makes you capture memories and moments you have encountered along the way. Your own self is made up of moments you choose from decisions you take. Forging your own personality and wisdom along the pathway is what shapes your identity. No path leads to definitive happiness and eternal bliss. It’s all within you.

There are facets that directly impact on your life without you choosing them. Being born different is a boon not granted to all? The simple act of being different from the rest is in itself a personality trait. Persistence is the single most common characteristic of high achievers. Fuelled by the determination to win the head to head? Driven by the pain of being bullied? Or just to ashamed to stand true to yourself?

The longer you hang to the end of the rope, the desire to climb mounts within your own self. Success is not a dish to be served. Wisdom is not gained at a glance. You ultimately cannot change what is already in there.

If you are different, the whole world create a cell to fit you in there with the aim of uploading your image. Eventually at the end of the day, that segregation I in itself the black sheep treatment. To control the rules, you need control what you already manage. Start by the possibilities, grasp the opportunities and turn uncertainties into objectives.

Open wounds bring you down on your knees. You are surprised by how unfolds its worst chapters? If your down on your knees you still can keep your head upright. The vision of the odd brings out the visionary. Realizing your own potential is finding the recipe. Turning the tides means unfolding what was embedded.

The key is to promise yourself to stay true to who you are. Humans tend to incline towards what others want. Staying true to your identity brings out the best to kill the worst. Shielding every insult is what everyone wants from you. Standing upright and freeing yourself is what makes you realize that not everyone will support you. Nobody is here to live up to your expectations, unless you lost your own personality.

What is done is done but the step to follow is within your reach… Dictate your pace. Inhale a new breath and it’s OK. Bring it on it more than you expected because… A new day is a new beginning Stand bold upright walk through the storm and rays of good hope will magnify your wisdom.


© Soovan Sharma Dookhoo 2016

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