The morning dew comes as a result of the heat that radiated yesterday. It might have been a hard day, hustling from start to finish. As the sun goes down, we dwell within those few hours of sleep. It may seem meaningless to take out a mere couple of hours out of the whole twenty-four.

However as soon as you recover from your previous day, you look forward for a new day even if you know what awaits you. Yet we humans fail to actually recover from incidents that stuck us years before. Humans by default are error prone, we use perfection as a standard but attaining the perfect goal is next to impossible.

The day you are born is celebrated each and every year as your birthday. It is adjusted in your personal calendar as that unique day within the calendar for which you look forward eagerly. If you dwell in your past, you shall sink slowly like the sperm whale going down in ocean depth. However the whale goes down to hunt a squid. But if you decide to let yourself crumble, nobody wants to be the companion of someone who is constantly on the verge of bursting.

Each and every human walking on earth has led his own battles, you may win one of those battles but the endless war will be ongoing until you decide to come out of it and position yourself as someone who looks forward to inculcate good vibes.

The ultimate key to move on from whatever occurred relies in staying true to yourself. Be keen to accept what will be changing. Accepting a new facet is itself the first step towards dismantling and reconstructing for a consolidated tomorrow. As at now you are a drop in an ocean, being meaningful to our surroundings only takes place when you know you worth. To what extent you shall use your capabilities to set up the stage for your fellow peers to carry on the good cause.

Take a chance in the stealth cold night, when dawn arises those ray of light are the rays of compassion and composure to work and achieve those plans.

© Soovan Sharma Dookhoo 2017

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