Are We at Peace?

Peace... the calm and smooth state which defines us as the desired emotional state. As we grow and experience different moments, encounter different individual,s and learn to surpass obstacles or embrace what we define as acceptable to ourselves. Our definition of solace evolves. Our usual work environment We wish for joyful and that invisible friendship … Continue reading Are We at Peace?

Awaiting her eyes reflect mine

The wait extends to infinite horizons, her voice echoed a medley of affirming stature while I remind myself of the trenches I used to be. A stranger at a time, where she was dawn I was dusk. She is the golden hour The Jimny's grey green olive bodywork reflected how the sunset speaks unleashed emotions. … Continue reading Awaiting her eyes reflect mine

■ Emotions trailed Symphony

The touch of your soul, if you feel the shivers - look up towards unspoken horizons. You're intoxicating by the femininity of your traits.A single stealth kiss will be the route to endless instances of ecstasy. It rained endlessly all night for the cold breeze to bring down the most anticipated perceptions. I'm driven by … Continue reading ■ Emotions trailed Symphony

■ Vivid Winter – Warm Solace

Rustling winter wind, the breeze set pace of cold winter. Soft sandy dust tickling coaxing with dry air. The anticipation of the comet, shining tail of ice dust. The rays of the sun illuminating its trail. A lifetime sight, I wish for the glitter in the eyes of the lady besides me. The moment of … Continue reading ■ Vivid Winter – Warm Solace

2.0 to 2.1

It has been a year. A year where many inevitable and unmatched events happened. A year where we lost to our dreams, Hope and goals. Most awaited events turned out to be nightmares. As we grew, understanding how different it is set to be. The flame of good hope lighting up. It became a must … Continue reading 2.0 to 2.1

We Promised Christmas – Together

Christmas star is symbolical to the most dazzling northern star. Standing out, leading the emotions we cherish. As I grew, my faith in Christmas meant the day of the year where new born joy and hope rekindled. To be loved, feel the wave of affection as we marched through the storm, I held you in … Continue reading We Promised Christmas – Together

Jeopardy or a Boon?

Effects of events are important to local political elites and to event organizers. The declared economic value of events is commonly used to legitimize public subsidy of events through contributions of cash and public services. event organizers depend on claims about an event's economic impact in order to command the public support necessary to bid … Continue reading Jeopardy or a Boon?

♦ Marching On

The world revolves around, while there are thousands of humans, numbers of religion and race. Amiss all the vibes and responsibilities that surrounds up, there stands an individual. Each one of us has a distinct voice be it the vocal one or our inner voice. Not many of us acknowledge the person we evolve into … Continue reading ♦ Marching On

Income – Expenditure towards Investing in Relations

The energy flow within each one of us differs; dependant on things we do and how far we allow ourselves to explore. The constant battle of : Why did it happen? Am i still stuck to what occurred? Are you defying the goodness that lies ahead just because you failed once?  Posts and social media … Continue reading Income – Expenditure towards Investing in Relations

■ Reality Ignored

We're humans and by default we are not loyal - curious and explorers but when it comes to emotions ego prevails. We'll seek to make it last make it bond. However aside the two individuals, there remains the continuous plausibility of things not be same as we perceived. The zeal is no more. It does … Continue reading ■ Reality Ignored