● Dark Moon – Emotions set alive

The moon shone, one unusual evening… round and reflecting sunlight. It radiated dim light around me… there on the roof..the quest for solace, I wandered in my thoughts…. meditating on how time went by as pure running water in a stream… for the moment I wished to achieve more. The greed to attain fuelled by speculation.

Holding myself up with pride, the medley of wind with the trees merged with each of my heart beat. The route is far to be clear cut, while I wish to have whispered in your ear how this bond would have mattered.

Master of our down destiny while a change of heart steals one’s breath away. Yearned to look into your eyes within the darkness of the night.

What could have been the twilight of emotions is being cherished as a dream. I am awake to face what is next. As I close my eyes I fall into the sleep of passionate kiss, standstill as cold ice; the spark is the unseen moonlight in one’s heart.

Author Soovan SD

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