Mauritius Oil Spill – Ability & Solidarity over Anything.

August 6th set the downfall of Marine life south east coast of the Republic of Mauritius. Following the shipwreck of Wakashio, our coastline went under threat of massive oil spillage. What could have been avoided unfortunately happened. Friday 7th August, citizens of Mauritius came to know about oil spills, our lagoons submerged into heavy oil.

Once a fine turquoise blue lagoon, is today fading black as our population joins hands to fight back.

Video Credits: Sauhoboo Yashine

Beyond race, ethnicity, cultural diversity, religious beliefs and disabilities, we seek to unite as one. Unified into being bold against the national crisis. Mauritius needs its population.

Aiding into booms manufacturing

My disability has been my pride, the abilities forged enables me as a citizen to contribute into safeguarding my countryside wildlife and marine fauna. For the good we can contribute to, each one of us has proved over the last 2 days how linked we are towards each another.

Rotaract club of Rivière du Rempart came forward with members into helping manufacturing of booms and distribution of food and beverages to all those volunteering. Serving above Self while we Lead with humility. True pride comes with outcome met.

Republic of Mauritius stands as one, each one helping and contrasting. From our family at home to our fellow citizen on site, while we sleep we shall remind ourselves we are not doing these for fame, wealth, vote bank, rewards or against returns. We are into this to surpass our abilities into crafting our unique coast line.

Author: Soovan Sharma Dookhoo

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