● Beloved, the ultimate togetherness with Her.

When the heart stirs feelings. The most powerful emotions come with it’s set of dilemma. I still wish to have sat down looked into her eyes to tell her how she still means more than before. Falling apart was never what we spoke about…

She’s been far, as the days went by, the cry grew deeper. One’s heart feels the emotions. Words said influence each actions of ours. To urge oneself to fight back, instead I held back. She is the one to send me into euphoria of how good life can be. Yet the months have been moments of assumptions, perception and simply not doing the right thing.

Living with the slightest hope of wanting to be together. I hurt her with complete opposite of what I ought to be doing. Neither the mind nor the heart ever said let go. To pray for her companionship has been routine. To wake up multiple times with all about her.

Love has never been identical, never anticipated separation. Just questions about why it turned into what we never wished for. It came out as the anchor to figure out. The will to fight against circumstances, continuing days of despair. When one’s beloved hurt by our own acts, it all fades out, remains the wish to find the love that linked us.

My beloved, what we meant we never brought it forward. What we said made us fall apart. The true love kept suffering alive. I feel your absence from everything linked to you. What I meant when we parted ways was never what I wished for.

Wish to tell you the empty space is solely for you to fill. I was wrong with my acts while my thoughts flowed with you. For the tears that roll down, it’s all about how you matter.


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