Inherited Wisdom, Reactive Emotions

Yesterday is gone, yet what has been felt shall be remembered. Opportunities are endless as far as we are restless. Yet the mind we breed derives its thoughts from the shadow of the past. For the instance we dive to drive, the gloomy cold self shall not fade out. To anticipate comes from setbacks.

far from creative anxiety, close to the riddle. The puzzle to fit in: convince yourself. Not for your surrounding, for the vision you got. The visionary of that mild enigma yet catalyst to the next behavioral change.

The “no” to yourself shall be unheard, failure is inevitable. Failure emanates from the “no” you mustered. The first barrier set to the person you are. Feel your emotions, embrace your own discoveries. One fine morning against a night full of uncertainty,

Giving it all to clinch to disappointments, expectations are the spark to fiery. Give it all again, give yourself the chance to exploit. To run over the pastures, ignite the phoenix within your own heart. Give it all to raise from the ashes of overthinking, as the sun goes down time remains the most prized ally.

It will fade overtime, it will flip into booting new thoughts. Risk your curiosity, wander into your own darkness, be spontaneous, dare to speak the new language your mind sets you onto.

Validate the spring that runs from your mind to your heart, the seal of approval shall be your confidence. A solitary person, the art of embracing differences, the crowd does not seek anything from you, while we seek to buckle into our desired sphere.

Author Soovan Sharma Dookhoo

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