● Gorgeous Maze

I would contemplate you from afar, we have been leading our own perspectives. How I yearned for you to have a glimpse of what I think. A stranger you have been, life is short to lose good fortune. Good fortune of pure feelings, how I wished it was you. My might spoke my heart, yes … Continue reading ● Gorgeous Maze

■ Right One – Right Element

"Right one" It's no shimmering moonlight, it's no walk down the shoreline with turquoise sea. The right one, barely defined, inclined to a heart that felt its blows. The moon fades for it to revive. As humans we fade inadvertently to fall apart. The "Right one" is it symbolical to the conjunction of the sun … Continue reading ■ Right One – Right Element

■ Moonlight in You

Through the chaos that rushes in your mind, the wounds of the past are too deep to accept me. Even the deepest of emotions run shallow when will fades out. Your hands-on the balcony, it's humid... is it a mirror to the scratches from your heart? The moon may shine bright tonight, so bright we … Continue reading ■ Moonlight in You

■ Hibernate – your moment of consciousness.

Spur your routine, what had been your most cherished moment of the day? Who would you be eager to share it with? One moment, the instance. Feel the warmth. Your eyes may speak to the world, allow it communicate to you. One heart beat, its another rush. Breathe what you feel, breathe with your mind. … Continue reading ■ Hibernate – your moment of consciousness.