Are We at Peace?

Peace... the calm and smooth state which defines us as the desired emotional state. As we grow and experience different moments, encounter different individual,s and learn to surpass obstacles or embrace what we define as acceptable to ourselves. Our definition of solace evolves. Our usual work environment We wish for joyful and that invisible friendship … Continue reading Are We at Peace?

Awaiting her eyes reflect mine

The wait extends to infinite horizons, her voice echoed a medley of affirming stature while I remind myself of the trenches I used to be. A stranger at a time, where she was dawn I was dusk. She is the golden hour The Jimny's grey green olive bodywork reflected how the sunset speaks unleashed emotions. … Continue reading Awaiting her eyes reflect mine

■ Emotions trailed Symphony

The touch of your soul, if you feel the shivers - look up towards unspoken horizons. You're intoxicating by the femininity of your traits.A single stealth kiss will be the route to endless instances of ecstasy. It rained endlessly all night for the cold breeze to bring down the most anticipated perceptions. I'm driven by … Continue reading ■ Emotions trailed Symphony

● Her Bliss, His Quest

.... he felt the lady, her curly hair drenched from the light showers. Humid soft palm of her hand, contrasting against her breath. Moist with curious emotions. Was it the vapour emanating from the rigid hot asphalt, or simply mirror to delicate surfaced compassion. She has always been bold, free flowing feminity. From somewhere beyond … Continue reading ● Her Bliss, His Quest

● Gorgeous Maze

I would contemplate you from afar, we have been leading our own perspectives. How I yearned for you to have a glimpse of what I think. A stranger you have been, life is short to lose good fortune. Good fortune of pure feelings, how I wished it was you. My might spoke my heart, yes … Continue reading ● Gorgeous Maze

■ Right One – Right Element

"Right one" It's no shimmering moonlight, it's no walk down the shoreline with turquoise sea. The right one, barely defined, inclined to a heart that felt its blows. The moon fades for it to revive. As humans we fade inadvertently to fall apart. The "Right one" is it symbolical to the conjunction of the sun … Continue reading ■ Right One – Right Element

■ Hibernate – your moment of consciousness.

Spur your routine, what had been your most cherished moment of the day? Who would you be eager to share it with? One moment, the instance. Feel the warmth. Your eyes may speak to the world, allow it communicate to you. One heart beat, its another rush. Breathe what you feel, breathe with your mind. … Continue reading ■ Hibernate – your moment of consciousness.

One last click?

Before the midnight thunder resounds, I would just allow myself to flow in the stream of mixed emotions. As the winds swayed through the damp forest, I seek your scent into mesmerising me. Either as soothing as dark wood or as captive as the sea breeze from horizons. Not a pot of gold, nor a … Continue reading One last click?

We Promised Christmas – Together

Christmas star is symbolical to the most dazzling northern star. Standing out, leading the emotions we cherish. As I grew, my faith in Christmas meant the day of the year where new born joy and hope rekindled. To be loved, feel the wave of affection as we marched through the storm, I held you in … Continue reading We Promised Christmas – Together

● Revive True Love, Fading Darkness

We feel emotions. As long as nourished it will flourish. The timeline of human emotions triggers multiple chapters. We communicate with the heart. Lifestyle changes upon the importance of priorities. Slight variations come with ripples of assumptions. The Why to the When? How it was and Now it is scars. Constant wounds unseen. Looking for … Continue reading ● Revive True Love, Fading Darkness