Horses emancipating Abilities – Disability forfeited


Delusional by the adversity of exclusion, I set foot each day with the first
thought of how I am going to be included in mainstream today. Disability or
maybe just partial hindrance to cope with mainstream abilities. Growing to
embrace my disability, I have my pace to revamp and adjust to fit in


Productivity and efficiency may vary or even limited. I shall not always be
up to par or be acceptable to each one’s ideologies. The horses I have
encountered since a child, taught me equine therapy sees past disabilities. The
horse may break your bones invertedly but above all they believe and are guided
through your ability to ride them.

To ride with the breeze free flowing, feel the sheer power yet hold onto the
reins of pure connection. One heartbeat, the hooves hitting the ground, my mind
believes what the heart feels. Gone are the moments to fight to be included. Overruled
the element of having to curb to egocentric and discriminatory behaviour.

My spine, upright for once, my heels down for the moment, my physical
deformity is beyond the horse’s judgement. All it knows, is the compassion of
the rider and the joy to gallop at full swing. I may stumble, it shall care. I
may be dislodged; it will not injure me knowingly. The horse rhythms to the ability
it witnesses.

Not the disability my community marginalises me for.


Soovan Sharma Dookhoo


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