Endorse Her; Through Whirpool

To the breeze of a warm evening, you give meaning to every beginning. Amazing it can be, you are as soothing as the beginning of the river down the blissful waves.

It may have been an endless tale of multiple hurdles; one warm cuddle shall end the struggle. A smile as resplendent as the moonlight, your zeal is that of the says of sunlight.

It will not be an easy ride, the tide will change, you strive again and again. Growth is never premeditated, there shall be multiple instances. You are the sparkle to new awakening dreams. The heart speaks the unspoken, allow yourself to be the shelf.

Transformation comes with its blows, cry out loud, rise as a wise lady awakening to set her milestones. Carve your way through the hard pinned stone/ It might be embedded to be rock bottom; you are the unbreakable diamond.

The waves speak the history: Of wreckage or of beautiful waves inspiring the lagoon.

It has never been easy to consolidate, it will be hard to retaliate. The compassion of emotions, we all seek. Allow yourself to feel the paw on your hand, the dog will never let you astray. We may be wandering into the wilderness, where one moment of true reflection shall set you to harness.

Be mighty, as the sharp mind cutting through your sorrows as one fine knife. You are the part that fills up the absolute awakening. As the dragon grows to spread its divine capabilities, your growth is symbolical to pure mindfulness.

Believe, Achieve, Relieve,

One step at a time,
multiple triggers over a lifetime


Soovan Sharma DOOKHOO

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