Persons with Disabilities – Empowerment or Marginalised?


From July 2021 to date; there have been endless instances where Persons with disabilities are in the limelight. Neither due to their abilities nor due to independent emancipation. Rather it has either been due to harassment or artificial sympathy, these individuals are as important as other humans. It is a shame the identity of persons with disabilities prevails through sympathy and charity.


  • Persons with disabilities are more likely to be victims of violence or rape, according to a 2004 British study, and less likely to obtain police intervention, legal protection or preventive care. (Dodd, Tricia, et al., 2004)

  • Research indicates that violence against children with disabilities occurs at annual rates at least 1.7 times greater than for their peers without disabilities. (Global Campaign for Eductation, 2011

Author Soovan Sharma DOOKHOO

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