Horses emancipating Abilities – Disability forfeited

  Delusional by the adversity of exclusion, I set foot each day with the firstthought of how I am going to be included in mainstream today. Disability ormaybe just partial hindrance to cope with mainstream abilities. Growing toembrace my disability, I have my pace to revamp and adjust to fit inmainstream.   Productivity and efficiency … Continue reading Horses emancipating Abilities – Disability forfeited

● Absolute Truth – Overruled Perception

For rainbows to exist there should be thunderstorms before the rays of sunlight peek through dawn. Each individual breathes, lives and revives. We revive our memories, heartfelt emotions but what strikes the most remains the heartfelt injuries and harm one goes through. To the sky we look up to, to our achievements we feel proud … Continue reading ● Absolute Truth – Overruled Perception

■ Emotions trailed Symphony

The touch of your soul, if you feel the shivers - look up towards unspoken horizons. You're intoxicating by the femininity of your traits.A single stealth kiss will be the route to endless instances of ecstasy. It rained endlessly all night for the cold breeze to bring down the most anticipated perceptions. I'm driven by … Continue reading ■ Emotions trailed Symphony

■ Vivid Winter – Warm Solace

Rustling winter wind, the breeze set pace of cold winter. Soft sandy dust tickling coaxing with dry air. The anticipation of the comet, shining tail of ice dust. The rays of the sun illuminating its trail. A lifetime sight, I wish for the glitter in the eyes of the lady besides me. The moment of … Continue reading ■ Vivid Winter – Warm Solace

COVID-19 Republic of Mauritius and a safe Blood Donation campaign

We are an island state, blood and blood derivatives are in constant need. Essential to health and paramedics, the Republic of Mauritius made provision for Blood Bank and the Mauritius Blood Donors Association. Every year countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day (WBDD). The event serves to raise awareness of the need for … Continue reading COVID-19 Republic of Mauritius and a safe Blood Donation campaign

Sir Anerood Jugnauth – statesman who defied odds.

As his name would stands he was a statesman who would align independence with legitimate political ambitions. In a period where majority would hail from poor families, Sir Anerood rose from poverty to a lawyer. With the willpower to make a statement for his country, then a colony of Great Britain. A socialist from his … Continue reading Sir Anerood Jugnauth – statesman who defied odds.

● Her Bliss, His Quest

.... he felt the lady, her curly hair drenched from the light showers. Humid soft palm of her hand, contrasting against her breath. Moist with curious emotions. Was it the vapour emanating from the rigid hot asphalt, or simply mirror to delicate surfaced compassion. She has always been bold, free flowing feminity. From somewhere beyond … Continue reading ● Her Bliss, His Quest

● Gorgeous Maze

I would contemplate you from afar, we have been leading our own perspectives. How I yearned for you to have a glimpse of what I think. A stranger you have been, life is short to lose good fortune. Good fortune of pure feelings, how I wished it was you. My might spoke my heart, yes … Continue reading ● Gorgeous Maze

■ Right One – Right Element

"Right one" It's no shimmering moonlight, it's no walk down the shoreline with turquoise sea. The right one, barely defined, inclined to a heart that felt its blows. The moon fades for it to revive. As humans we fade inadvertently to fall apart. The "Right one" is it symbolical to the conjunction of the sun … Continue reading ■ Right One – Right Element

■ Moonlight in You

Through the chaos that rushes in your mind, the wounds of the past are too deep to accept me. Even the deepest of emotions run shallow when will fades out. Your hands-on the balcony, it's humid... is it a mirror to the scratches from your heart? The moon may shine bright tonight, so bright we … Continue reading ■ Moonlight in You