♦Our needs shadowed by our wants

Mankind has always failed to allocate resources adequately. Man has always been hindered by his wants which he considers to be more important than his needs.
In search of name-fame-glory-wealth, the individual forgets what he actually needs and need to do for his environment.
“It is better to have a handful of rice as a result of pure honesty and love instead of paying thousand of dollars for fame “
The world becoming the global village eventually gives way to comfort. But does thus comfort need to out cast wisdom and good virtues. What is the use of attaining a luxurious life while not having the peace of mind?
Money surely has incredible power but provided you know how to use it towards the best possible cause.
Place yourself in front of your mirror and have a look at your image for at least a minute.
Answer these questions;
Do you know yourself?
What have you attained till now?
Have you been successful?
Are your goals well defined?
Have you attained at least on of your goals with your own handwork?
If you have been able to achieve at least one of the objectives which has been previously setup then;
The feeling is priceless you ought to feel a certain vibes which makes you feel proud of yourself gives you the feel good factor.

Live each day of your life to make your goals become reality. The single step you make each day is a major step towards your goal. If you cannot make that step a few feet back and consider.
What do you lack?
What is making go stumble?
A past incident gives a picture of your present.
Life usually makes a person face challenges. Live up to those challenges. Make impossibilities become possibilities.
A deadly incident in your past might have affected your present. Lost of self confidence is one of the main problems faced by a human.
For a second consider if those incidents would have never taken place?
Would you be what you are today?

Author Soovan SD

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