◇ Invisible Affection Eternal Emotions

Emotions remain the unseen bond which each person safeguards. As our age go by it alters between parents, siblings and partner. The affection shared towards a mother remains the most powerful form of pure love. Irrespective of race and species – it goes as a universal language.

Over and above puberty, we are all inclined to infatuation and emotional conditions towards the opposite gender. What remains the elusive feature – how can affection be developed without that person being an acquaintance to you?

Bring out the elegance in your actions, let your words define your thoughts the depth of a relation does not depend on the length of acquaintance. It is all about how you view that person in your day to day life.

Relations have never revolved around beauty on display. It remains embedded to the compliance towards each others lifestyle whlist differences do exist. There exist the element of apprehensions and hidden agenda. The coward who fails to cater for a relationship shall entail failure within personal emotional well being.

At times it fails due to various circumstances. The invisible scar is the most defient wound. It will inevitably have its weight on future instances. The more complex the issue the simpler the solution. Just that we fail to acknowledge the simplicity of things since we constantly dwell into complexity. Humane intelligence has never been too obvious, life within itself gravitates around unpredictability. No relation is about public publicity or one off. It remains rather someone who’ll craft oneself and the partner. A relation that revolves around building through emotions. From bursts of laughter to subtle convos. From planning of goals to resume planning. It is all there when the person is right.

Author: Soovan SD

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