Income – Expenditure towards Investing in Relations

The energy flow within each one of us differs; dependant on things we do and how far we allow ourselves to explore. The constant battle of : Why did it happen? Am i still stuck to what occurred? Are you defying the goodness that lies ahead just because you failed once?  Posts and social media remind us to cut down negative and toxic people and behaviour. The usual scenario is to expect something out of everything we do. How far are we assessing and abiding to the consequences of our acts?

By default any individual will seek to attain and materialise out quests. The expense of achievements does vary. Did we take the step backwards, ponder how far is it beneficial and the direct repercussions. Living to attain is usual but living to get things done is the goal not many of us set out to work for same.

Failed encounters do leave the invisible scar. The ability to negate the flow of good vibes. From the instance we are embarking into conversations, sharing of thoughts and working each variable to meet certain stated goals. The responsibility builds up accordingly. Uncertainty is the major prevailing emotion among each human being. We cannot forecast how and when shall the behaviour of those within our circle will change.

“When relationships lose their pitch through lack of interest and become stale or unbearable through enduring stealthy backbiting, the emotional house of cards is under attack.” Understanding and accepting failures is the ambiguous facet which allows us to move to the next level. Every failure generates depression and anxiety. The major question: WHY IT ENDED AS SUCH?

The real answer to depression: It eradicates itself when you choose to open yourself to the person you perceived as a kid. The pain of honest confrontation is what triggers the greatest trust and respect in your endeavours. Build courage and perseverance not by the quotes we come across – instead by confronting what haunts and what disrupts us from moving out.

“Laughter paves the way for many things. It’s one way to build intimacy between people, something every healthy team needs. Humour has always been a primary part of how I lead. If I can get someone to laugh, they’re at ease. If they see me laugh at things, they’re at ease. It creates emotional space, a kind of trust, to use in a relationship. Sharing laughter also creates a bank account of positive energy you can withdraw from, or borrow against, when dealing with tough issues at work. It’s a relationship cushion.”
— Berkun, Scott

Author Soovan SD

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