Jeopardy or a Boon?

Effects of events are important to local political elites and to event organizers. The declared economic value of events is commonly used to legitimize public subsidy of events through contributions of cash and public services. event organizers depend on claims about an event’s economic impact in order to command the public support necessary to bid for and then host events, while government officials depend upon positive economic impact estimates to justify public support of events. Convergence of interests has not gone unnoticed by critics of public subsidies for sport events.

Seychelles Island is an emerging and powerful hub for global business while Madagascar is anticipating economic recovery as an aftermath of presidential elections. In between opportunities, social instability at Reunion island through protests. Island games in Mauritius remain the hub for proper negotiations and develop relations among countries with an average growth of 3% Mauritius has numerous infrastructure projects likely to boost its economy ahead of decisive elections to be held soon.

Commonwealth countries can do much more to expand trade links with the UK, post-Brexit At its peak in 2012, UK-Commonwealth Trade accounted for US$120 billion. Lately, the figure fell to US$91 billion amid a significant decline in trade globally, but there are opportunities to increase trade. From beef and bananas to sugar and fresh vegetables to textiles and clothing, a number of Commonwealth states depend heavily on the UK market.

The ultimate question remains to what extent is Mauritius willing and able to trigger current variables for the welfare of its citizens?

Soovan SD

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