Can we be the remedy? World Clean Up Day – Mauritius 21.09.2019

Running along the shoreline, we are amazed by the shades of the sea. The sunlight adding to the golden sand. How far have we reached to allow ourselves to take ownership of nature. During the Let’s do It Mauritius – clean up campaign, together with members of Rotaract Club of Riviere du Rempart, we set on a journey of collecting maximum waste throughout different locations.

The ocean is absorbing more than it ought to, we are the harm to the planet. Multiple actions is not the ideal remedy. To witness the change we need to witness a change in culture. Dispose waste responsibly.

Our eyes transmit visuals to our mind. As humans we have the ability to understand and differentiate between numerous aspects. Yet above all we still fail to differentiate between disposable waste and non degradable waste. Hence we are nurturing a slow kill to our ecosystem.

One day action may clean a location but continuous prompt actions shall bring about the change in culture we are seeking. Don’t trash your can in the sea – instead you can take the trash out of the sea.

Mauritius is referred as a tropical paradise, the amazon as the lungs of the planet while the oceans remain packed with resources essential to us. From the ozone layer to the forests we have, when shall be the day we stop damaging and start constructing?

Author Soovan SD

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