The New Year Myth

Moving into 2020, in an era where most decisions are influenced by social media rather than the real cause of the decision. The new calendar year is always a moment to rejoice and anticipate new beginnings. The change in calendar date is universal and accepted by individuals throughout the world.

How far is the change in date bringing about the radical change or even a new breath of goodness? Each individual has a specific set of norms and culture we adhere to. Our lifestyle functionalities differ from one another. Hence we are bound to move towards decisions that may be a complete opposite from your counterpart.

To the new generation moving into another tier of your life. Do things that build your eagerness to move forward. Engage into policies of your country, look into how politics is changing, how far is administration and public welfare shifting from contemporary to what we need today. Do not be the sheep to the system, be the black sheep if needed but ensure you get your voice heard. Share your ideas, promote your beliefs.

The change is now, the bursting cork of a champagne bottle is significant, significant in the new ideologies. Trigger the new dimension of getting things done. It might not be immediate but it will surely happen if we decide to take things forward.

2020 looks promising with its own set of uncertainties – shine throughout the journey. Make it a statement to live for the goodness you want to experience. Feel the thrill of new openings.

Author: Soovan Sharma Dookhoo

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