Bursting Star, Fading Felicity

The light of the day vanishes as the dark quiet night takes over. We all live the day, schedule our own share of tasks. In the darkness of the night, I shall fall into the memories, cherished, felt and to live with. From the roses at her doorstep, to live with the wish it happened.

Anticipating future, the drive to cast a glance at her. The wish to behold, Rose’s never speak, eventually identical to shining stars. How long shall the star shine, how long shall the rose stand firm? Should it have been, how long it would have lasted until it’s just memories which remain.

Heaven remains unseen, the lustre of her simplicity shall be remembered. Enlightened to go the extra mile, ignoring non reciprocated involvement.

What if..?

How could it…?

Why did..?

Yearn for affection, voice out dismayed self, make it heard about the need to be catered for. Fight for it as long as the true energy permits one to go for it.

Try for it for how you believe in it, your star will lighten up for how long it can. Once the sparkle fades, move out. No substitute exist for your own goodness.

It mesmerized while it lasted, what was cheered for as a star, inevitably collapses like a shooting star.

Soovan Sharma Dookhoo

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