For Him – By Her

To be loved for real. Feel the unseen affection each and every day. The heart links our brain with emotional enigma. Are we understood?

He is proud, she answered his why…

Endless days, multiple restrictions yet emotions stood out. We feel, we interact yet that one person makes the whole difference. A man shall be remembered for the efforts he put it, a woman shall be acknowledged by how she reciprocated.

To find true care, one believes in the other as long as both understand the bond shared. Not always rainbows, moments of despair answered by: we are doing this together. Never ever threaten to leave or point out people who love cannot be together.

The epitome of fights, hustling and frustrating situations. It all comes to make sense as long as he loves and she understands him.

Never perfect, each other look up in the depth of one another eyes. She is perfect to him. He beholds her with pride at each accomplishment.

Together for one another

Togetherness for goodness

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